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Example Specialties


Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT)

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In the U.S., upper respiratory complaints are a high volume, routine diagnosis in healthcare – 200+ million episodes per year and over 26% of emergency room visits are ENT related.

These are often diagnosed sight unseen (without the use of a flexible or rigid scope) in the emergency department, urgent care center, or physician office. Symptoms diagnosed as ordinary often go undetected and result in complications and unnecessary risk to patients (e.g. laryngeal cancer, vocal cord lesions, or laryngopharyngeal reflux). Patients are also often prescribed unnecessary antibiotics.

In the emergency room or urgent care setting, acute airway problems can require an immediate endoscopy yet the specialist has to be called in. The wait for an on-call specialist to arrive or for a referral to see the specialist on another day delays essential medical care and creates extra steps.

Visually inspecting a patient’s airways using fiber optic video scopes with expertise from a board-certified ENT physician removes guesswork and increases the quality of patient care.


Case Study: Quintree enables online training in endoscopic sinus surgery

University of Adelaide (Australia) experts have delivered the world’s first remote sinus surgical training to surgeons in Japan.

Professor Alkis Psaltis and Professor Wormald from Adelaide Medical School along with their Japanese surgical colleague Dr. Masanobu Suzuki trained more than 200 surgeons at Hokkaido University in Japan.

“We conducted the course remotely using Quintree technology that allowed us to directly supervise the surgeons and give them real-time feedback and instruction as they performed surgical procedures on 3D models in Japan,” said Professor Psaltis.



physician doing an abdomen exam

Cystoscopy is one of the most common procedures in the Urologic practice with multiple indications.

Urology’s continued advancement into the field of telemedicine would be greatly propelled by the development of a system for remote cystoscopy without sacrificing quality of care provided to our patients.

We present a method for remote cystoscopy to be performed by any healthcare provider under the direct supervision of a Urologist in real time.


Case Study: Use of Remote Video Technology for Bedside Flexible Cystoscopy

In the William Beaumont Hospital Urology Staff clinic four cystoscopies were performed using the Quintree software that allows for the ‘expert’ Urologist to be available remotely.

Four cystoscopic evaluations were performed during the proof of concept period.

We found excellent results in terms of the use of telecommunication software, allowing providers the ability to perform basic cystoscopic procedures under the real-time supervision of an attending Urologist.

Residency Programs

Quintree helps clinical sites improve three main goals of the CLER program: health care quality, care transitions, and supervision by seamlessly allowing for direct contact via real-time transmission of fiberoptic images.

Already, major University Otolaryngology Departments are utilizing Quintree to improve resident education, allow safer and more reliable disposition of patients, and improve hospital and patient quality through on-demand specialist consultation.

Please reach out to us about a demo of our services for your Residency Program.

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I used Quintree for inpatient care and was able to smoothly and effortlessly send high quality images to an ENT physician and make a diagnosis swiftly that helped ensure high fidelity care for my patient.
Dr. Sagar Patel

I have had the privilege of using the Quintree telecommunication system which showed me that physician to physician telemedicine is extremely powerful. The ease and simplicity of using the connection device and the Quintree web application speaks for itself. Quintree offers great, quick, perfect patient care at a click of a button.
John Colombo, M.D.

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