How it works

Provider initiates session via Quintree
Expert begins session with Provider via Quintree
Provider scopes patient, transmitting video and audio
Provider can ask questions and get direction on views, image quality, clinical and patient issues
Expert views patient scope in real-time audio/video, provides feedback in session
Expert completes an interpretation report back to Provider (e.g. “overread”)


I have had the privilege of using the Quintree telecommunication system which showed me that physician to physician telemedicine is extremely powerful. The ease and simplicity of using the connection device and the Quintree web application speaks for itself. Quintree offers great, quick, perfect patient care at a click of a button.
John Colombo, M.D.
I used Quintree for inpatient care and was able to smoothly and effortlessly send high quality images to a ENT physician and make a diagnosis swiftly that helped ensure high fidelity care for my patient.
Dr. Sagar Patel