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Welcome to the First Telehealth Platform that Integrates with your Existing Diagnostic Equipment

A Technology Designed by Physicians

Two footprints

Zero footprint

No hardware, no capital expense. Use your available scopes, navigation, or cameras.

phone and laptop

Effortless operation

Uncomplicated. Launch from mobile device or computer with one touch.


Drives efficiencies

Reduce time to diagnosis, increase patient satisfaction, broaden your referral network.

Checkmark in shield

Serious security

HIPAA compliant, encrypted, confidential. Know that your interaction is secure.


Your comprehensive solution for provider-to-medical specialist diagnostic procedures, as well as routine patient care

views of the Quintree app on laptop and phone versions

Routine and Specialized Care

Emergency Department

Triage high acuity patients, decreasing transfer of care issues and specialist intervention at early stages.

Urgent Care

Diagnose accurately, preventing ER visits and overuse of medication.

Underserved Communities

Provide timely access to care where specialists often are not readily available.

And Education

Residency Programs

Enhance oversight via attending physician participation virtually in real-time. Create new revenue generating opportunities through virtual consultations.

Industry Education

Broaden physician support remotely for safe and effective use of products in patient care settings.

For Every Medical Setting

Healthcare System

Decrease risk of hospital penalties associated with patient readmission and strengthen care within satellite facility network.

Private Practice

Reduce physician burden and liability risk from missed diagnosis and broaden referral network.


I used Quintree for inpatient care and was able to smoothly and effortlessly send high quality images to an ENT physician and make a diagnosis swiftly that helped ensure high fidelity care for my patient.
Dr. Sagar Patel

I have had the privilege of using the Quintree telecommunication system which showed me that physician to physician telemedicine is extremely powerful. The ease and simplicity of using the connection device and the Quintree web application speaks for itself. Quintree offers great, quick, perfect patient care at a click of a button.
John Colombo, M.D.

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