Expertise On-Demand

Telehealth Software for Medical Professionals

Conduct HIPAA-compliant scope video calls,
provide expertise on-demand,
and improve patient outcomes

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We provide expertise on-demand,
And improve patient care

Quintree was built by physicians with the goal of performing and interpreting live endoscopy; increasing patient care, quality, and efficiency.
Dramatically reduce the time it takes to diagnose patients
Increase patient satisfaction
Improve Efficiency
HIPAA Compliant

Example Specialty: ENT

Upper respiratory complaints are a high volume, routine diagnosis in healthcare: 200+ million episodes per year in the US.

These are often diagnosed sight unseen in the emergency department, urgent care center, or physician office. Symptoms diagnosed as ordinary often go undetected and result in complications and unnecessary risk to patients. Patients are often prescribed unnecessary antibiotics without being properly diagnosed.

Visually inspecting a patient’s airways using fiber optic video scopes with expertise from a board certified ENT physician removes guesswork and increases the quality of patient care.


Provider initiates session via Quintree
Expert begins session with Provider via Quintree
Provider scopes patient, transmitting video and audio
Provider can ask questions and get direction on views, image quality, clinical and patient issues
Expert views patient scope in real-time audio/video, provides feedback in session
Expert completes an interpretation report back to Provider (e.g. “overread”)

Benefits to Provider

Provide higher quality, more comprehensive care to the patient
Improve patient experience by providing an objective, high tech diagnosis
Augment risk management through having expert consultation
Access on-demand expertise appropriate to situation
Control network referrals
Can bill a more complex code to the payer (higher reimbursement)
No expensive software
Easy to pilot and work with—minimal equipment investment

Benefits to Expert

Bring expertise to cases where professional knowledge is truly valued and applicable at the point of patient care
Apply expertise sooner in the consultation process
Be positioned to gain referrals from the provider
Income source while not busy seeing other patients or during off hours
No expensive software
Simplified payment and administration through online tools
Easy to pilot and work with—no upfront investment

Benefits to Residency Programs

ACGME in 2014 came out with the Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) program. CLER is a component of NAS. As such, it is designed to provide US teaching hospitals, medical centers, health systems, and other clinical settings affiliated with ACGME-accredited institutions with periodic feedback that addresses the following six areas: patient safety; healthcare quality; care transitions; supervision; duty hours and fatigue management and mitigation; and professionalism.

Quintree can help clinical sites improve three main goals of the CLER program: health care quality, care transitions, and supervision. It seamlessly allows for direct patient to doctor contact via real-time transmission of fiberoptic laryngoscopy and nasal endoscopy images.

Already, major University Otolaryngology Departments are utilizing Quintree to improve resident education, allow safer and more reliable disposition of patients, and improve hospital and patient quality through on-demand specialist consultation.

Please reach out to us about a demo of all of our services for your Residency Program, and we can offer a 60 day free trial for your site.

Detailed information about CLER program can be found here.


I have had the privilege of using the Quintree telecommunication system which showed me that physician to physician telemedicine is extremely powerful. The ease and simplicity of using the connection device and the Quintree web application speaks for itself. Quintree offers great, quick, perfect patient care at a click of a button.
John Colombo, M.D.
I used Quintree for inpatient care and was able to smoothly and effortlessly send high quality images to a ENT physician and make a diagnosis swiftly that helped ensure high fidelity care for my patient.
Dr. Sagar Patel